Issues of Theology – How to Define Eternity

the-holy-spirit-364251_640In terms of Mathematics, eternity can not be measured. One might think that eternity is a multitude of years, impossible to be counted, but eternity should not be perceived through the limited perspective of what we call time. The term “time” was invented by us, humans, in order to control a very small portion of this eternity. With time, we can understand our past somehow and we are conscious that a future awaits us, too.

But when we refer to eternity, time has no power. Because our time is being measured differently by God. There are many people that claimed they experienced eternity. Moreover, they say that God is coming soon for the Last Judgment. These mystics make people fear and act irrationally, because of what they say.

The Lord is coming, indeed, but nobody knows when, because our vision of sunset-473754_640time does not equal the Lord’s vision. For Him, a thousand years of ours might pass like a second. Just imagine how God made everything that exists in only six days. This is possible only with a different perspective regarding time. Therefore, even if these prophets did experience eternity, they will not be able to tell us when the Apocalypse will happen. Nobody can, as the Bible says.

A religious person should know that the life we live on Earth is not everything. We should all know, and believe, that Eternity waits for us. Because of this, we should all try to lead a life that respects God’s word. Only a good conduct will guarantee you the Eternity. Faith will be the key to your Eternal Life. Faith is not only agreeing with what the Bible says, but also doing everything following God’s Word. Everybody should be obedient in order to reach Eternity.

Why do we have to live this life, when Eternity is waiting for us?

woman-427320_640People might find the life on Earth extremely difficult sometimes. God will give them great challenges to deal with, and because of this, they might find themselves at the end of their powers. Why should a person live a sad and hard life, when Eternity awaits after death?

Every person is burdened by God with different tasks. You should carry everything that was given by God, knowing that God will reward you for your Faith. A believer will never question God’s will. God offers good and bad and we should embrace everything He has to offer. We do not know the bigger picture. We do not know what will happen in the Eternity. But we can be sure that, by respecting the Lord’s commands and by loving Him unconditionally, we will have a place in Heaven.