Theology Questions: What Is a Prayer?

church-4149_640Many people will know, in general terms, what a prayer is. Some will tell you that it is a short text you use to praise the Lord and ask for a good life on Earth. Some others will tell you that by praying you will create a special bond with God, connection that will bring you happiness and harmony.

Most of the answers to this question will be somehow true, but the most meaningful definition of a prayer is that it is a way of communicating with God. When praying, you will be talking and listening to God. Within a non-verbal message, He will send you an answer to your prayers. You will feel more relaxed and at ease after praying. This is God’s way of telling you that your prayer has been heard.

prayer-888757_640Will every prayer be answered?

This question is often debated in the field of Theology. God wants us to pray as He wants to communicate with us. But, while praying, we shouldn’t just ask for things, but also offer something in return. Therefore, if a person wants to have God’s support in everything he does, that person should also lead a life under God’s rules.

Following God’s rules means:berlin-77789_640

  • following the ten commandments
  • leading a modest life, without excesses
  • going to church regularly
  • respecting the holidays

Moreover, when praying, a person should not have a hidden plan in his mind. If you have wrong reasons in your prayer, God will know your hidden plan. You should not use the holy prayers for doing bad.

Another thing you should keep in mind when and after praying is that cross-71530_640sometimes prayers will not be answered in a short time. This might happen because God knows everything. He is aware of every step we take and he knows everything we are doing and thinking. He knows the past, the present and the future.

And because he knows what will happen in the future, he will reward your good behavior at a certain moment in your future. Every good deed and every prayer will be answered one way or another. You just need to be patient and not lose your faith. You need to be aware of God’s ways of communicating with us and you need to have faith that, even though it may seem at some point that God is not listening to your prayers, he is always by your side.